PS4’s ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Includes LGBTQ Pride Flags, Imagery

The new "Marvel" that is PS4's Spider-Man game is all the rage since dropping on Friday and its nod to diversity has not gone unnoticed, Hornet reports.

In addition to great gameplay and incredible graphics, the game, released by Sony and Insomnia, has Spidey passing more than a few LGBTQ+ pride flags and rainbow banners as he navigates the streets and rooftops of New York City.


Via Hornet:

It’s not clear exactly how many LGBTQ banners are spread throughout the various levels, but quite a few are known to be on the game’s version of the Lower East Side. (Makes sense to us.) The Daily Dot reports one of the game’s achievements may rely on taking a selfie with a Pride flag or rainbow wall in photo mode.

Award-winning author and comics writer Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) called out the flags on Twitter: “Wow, I stopped to perch on a building in #Spidermanps4 and looked over and saw this. Thinking about all the 12-year-old kids who will be playing this game and seeing this in towns where it’s not safe to put that flag up.”

The PS4 Spider-Man game makes additional nods to New York’s legendary diversity, including non-playable characters wearing hijabs.