Missouri Legislative Update: PROMO Laser-Focused on Two Anti-LGBTQ Bills

Dear Equality Supporter,

We knew 2020 was going to be tough. As the legislative session is underway, we are facing an opposition aiming to hold back our equality. AND there is a team of legislators working with PROMO to make real progress on our priorities.

We are laser-focused on two bills:

SJR50 would require student athletes to participate in sports according to their sex assigned at birth.

PROMO knows that every student deserves a fair chance to succeed in school and prepare for their future — including students who are transgender. The values that athletics bring to a student’s life — teamwork, cooperation, competition, endurance — are important for every student, especially LGBTQ athletes.


HB2044 would require libraries to create parental review boards in order to regulate events and materials within the library considered age-inappropriate sexual material.

On its face, this bill looks like a book ban. However, Rep. Ben Baker (R-160) has made it clear the genesis of the bill is a dislike of the wildly popular national events “Drag Time Story Hour.” PROMO believe that there is power in visibility, and that libraries have always been and should remain a safe place for everyone to learn and share ideas.

At the same time, our legislative allies in the Capitol are filing pro-LGBTQ bills endorsed by PROMO:

For the 22nd year, the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act has been filed on both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives by out-LGBTQ members Rep. Greg Razer (D-25) and Rep. Tom Hannegan (R-65).

For the first time in Missouri history, a Conversion Therapy Ban has been filed in the Senate. Sen. Lauren Arthur (D-17) filed SB 658.

Rep. Martha Stevens (D-46) filed a LGBTQ curriculum bill in order to add comprehensive LGBTQ history to K-12 school curriculum.

The other exciting action this week took place in the Missouri Supreme Court. The Court found a portion of the state’s Voter ID law unconstitutional. In Justice Mary Rhodes Russell’s opinion for the court, she specifically called attention to the disenfranchisement that non-binary and transgender Missourians face to obtain the identification essential for them to navigate everyday life.

Legislators are seeing PROMO in the Capitol every day, demonstrating the vigilance, persistence, and expertise required to make certain Missouri laws protect and enhance the lives of all LGBTQ Missourians. Please support PROMO’s critical work in Jefferson City with a gift of $5, $20, or $50 right now.

In solidarity,

Samati Niyomchai
Manager of Public Policy