Left Bank Books’ Totally Incomplete but Nevertheless Fabulous Queer Gift Guide

Because #Boom Media always believes in buying local and "reading is fundamental", please check out Left Bank Books’ Totally Incomplete but Nevertheless Fabulous Queer Gift Guide for the 2017 Winter Holidays!

The Unsinkable Bambi Lake
The Unsinkable Bambi Lake: A Fairy Tale Containing the Dish on Cockettes, Punks, and Angles

$15.95, Bambi Lake


An intimate account of one individual's evolution from innocent, suburban Johnny Purcell in the '60s into fabulous, infamous Bambi Lake. From a fantasy filled childhood to San Francisco's queer salad days in the '70s absolutely nothing is off-topic in this dramatic, revealing memoir. With new photos and an Epilogue: 20 Years Later.

Author and infamous chanteuse Bambi Lake has been the subject of a documentary (“Sticks & Stones”), a ballad revival (“Golden Age of Hustlers”), and has inspired those who have followed in the decades since her first appearance with The Cockettes in the early 1970s.

David Bowie Made Me Gay
David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT Music

$35.00 Darryl W. Bullock


A comprehensive history of LGBT music that even includes some women’s music!

Body Music, Julie Maroh

$26.95 Graphic novel


Julie Maroh’s first book, Blue Is the Warmest Color, was a graphic novel phenomenon; it was a New York Times bestseller and the controversial film adaptation by French director AbdellatifKechiche won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Maroh’s latest book, Body Music, marks her return to the kind of soft, warm palette and impressionistic sensibility that made her debut book so sensational.A queer, black teenager finds herself stranded in a dangerous and unfamiliar place: an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp.

As the Crow Flies
As the Crow Flies

$30.00, Melanie Gillman


A queer, black teenager finds herself stranded in a dangerous and unfamiliar place: an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp.

To My Trans Sisters

$18.95 Charlie Craggs


Dedicated to trans women everywhere, this inspirational collection of letters written by successful trans women shares the lessons they learnt on their journeys to womanhood, celebrating their achievements and empowering the next generation to become who they truly are.


$16.00, Rachel McKibbens


Rachel McKibbens is a poet, activist, playwright, essayist, and two-time New York Foundation for the Arts poetry fellow. She is the author of four books and founder of The Pink Door, an annual writing retreat open exclusively to women of color.

50 Queers Who Changed the World: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Icons

$14.99, Dan Jones


This book celebrates the lives, work, and unique perspectives of the icons who changed the world. Featuring beautifully illustrated portraits and profiles, 50 Queers Who Changed the World is a tribute to some of the most inspirational people of all time.

Before I Had the Words
Before I Had the Words: On Being a Transgender Young Adult

$22.99, Skylar Kergil


The trans activist and YouTube celebrity’s memoir’

Hanging On Our Own Bones

$18.95, Judy Grahn


One of the most important lesbian poets of our time, (Edward the Dyke, The Common Woman Poems)reprisesseven nine-part poems gathered from throughout her illustrious career. Lambda award winner Judy Grahn once again demonstrates her mastery of form. Using lamentations as her uniting medium, these transgressive poems seek to sound an alarm or name the unnamable, all in a movement towards the goal of possible social change.

All You Need Is Love
All You Need Is Love: Celebrating Families of All Shapes and Sizes

$16.95, Shanni Collins


Ages 3-8

A charming celebration of the different kinds of families and relationships. Through colourful images and rhyming stories, the author depicts a range of families and lifestyles all grounded in love and acceptance. With light-hearted humour and positive discussion around diversity, this book promotes a healthy understanding of differences.

Notes of a Crocodile

$15.95, QiuMiaojin


The English-language premiere of QiuMiaojin’s coming-of-age novel about queer teenagers in Taiwan, a cult classic in China and winner of the 1995 China Times Literature Award.

Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab

$15.95, Shani Mootoo


A young man travels to Trinidad to reconnect with a transgender parent, uncovering the complex realities of love and family.

Men  Dogs
Men & Dogs

$15.00, Alice Chaygneaud-Dupuy


Luscious photographs of Men& Dogs!

The Little Mrs./Misses

$17.95, Jane Ellen Ibur


Local lesbian poet Jane Ellen Ibur’s second collection celebrates women drawn from mythology, the Bible, literature and history, who tell their stories in frank, entertaining, and robust, yet idiosynchratic voices.

Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver

$30.00, Mary Oliver


Gorgeous collection of poems that plumb the spiritual dimensions of life through a poet’s deep attention to the natural world.

Logical Family: A Memoir

$27.99, Armistead Maupin


In this long-awaited memoir, the beloved author of the bestselling Tales of the City series chronicles his odyssey from the old South to freewheeling San Francisco, and his evolution from curious youth to ground-breaking writer and gay rights pioneer.

Hearts Invisible Furies
Heart’s Invisible Furies

$28.00, John Boyne


The life of one gay man in 1940s Ireland, told as only John Boyne can tell it.

Afterglow (a dog memoir)

$24.00 Eileen Myles


Prolific and widely renowned, Eileen Myles is a trailblazer whose decades of literary and artistic work “set a bar for openness, frankness, and variability few lives could ever match” (New York Review of Books). This newest book paints a kaleidoscopic portrait of a beloved confidant: the pit bull called Rosie.

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body

$25.99 Roxane Gay


“I ate and ate and ate in the hopes that if I made myself big, my body would be safe. I buried the girl I was because she ran into all kinds of trouble.” A searingly honest memoir of food, weight, and self-image, Hunger breaks the rules of how we think and speak about women and weight.

David Sedaris Diaries: A Visual Compendium

$50.00 David Sedaris


In this richly illustrated book, readers will for the first time experience the diaries David Sedaris has kept for nearly 40 years in the elaborate, three-dimensional, collaged style of the originals.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman: Ambassador of Truth

$50.00, Signe Bergstrom


A gorgeous, authorized celebration of one of the most popular and enduring Super Heroes of all time—Wonder Woman.

Androgyne: Fashion and Gender

$60.00 Patrick Mauriès


A visually led exploration of gender fluidity—from representations in antiquity to its current prevalence in the fashion world and beyond.

Annie Leibovitz: Portraits 2005-2016

$89.95, Annie Leibovitz


In this stunning new collection from Annie Leibovitz, one of the most influential (lesbian) photographers of our time, iconic portraits sit side by side never-before-published photographs.

The Gay Agenda Weekly Planner
The Gay Agenda Weekly Planner


In-store or call to order

A witty, beautifully illustrated, totally serious, and just as ridiculous, weekly planner full of LGBTQ history, people, & ideas.

Bob Mizer: AMG, 1000 Model Directory

$99.99 ,Robert Henry Mizer


It’s Raining Men: Two volumes and two decades of top physique models, includes an hour-long DVD.

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