Center Stage with All Mixed Up: STL PrideFest 2019 Headliner


ALL MIXED UP # SUN. 6/30 3:25 P.M.


“Get ready to dance!” says Dennis Moser, bandleader for All Mixed Up. The seven piece band identifies as a high energy dance/party cover band, featuring a variety of hits from all eras and styles. Moser says, “Some songs may have a three piece horn section, while others may have five part vocal harmonies. You never know what you are going to see or hear next.”

The band originates right here in St. Louis, and members include Andi Bloome (lead vocals, keyboard, percussion), Cari McKnight (lead vocals, keyboard, percussion), Ben Blackmon (trombone, percussion, keyboard, vocals), Dennis Moser (keyboard, sax, EWI, flute, vocals), Scott Dubitsky (guitar, vocals), Phil Sgambelluri (bass), Marciano Garcia (drums, vocals) and Keith Reding (trumpet, vocals, sax, acoustic guitar).

All Mixed Up is a band of individuals from various walks of life that all come together for a passion of music. This will be the band’s third time playing PrideFest, but the first time on the big stage. “Music knows no gender, race or sexual identity. Music is universal. It has been great to see so many businesses, volunteers, and musicians that have contributed their time to make Pridefest happen,” says Moser. “It has been awesome seeing everyone coming together to celebrate diversity in St. Louis.”

All Mixed Up touts the array of musical range, switching from vocals to instruments to new instruments to different vocals, creating an entire performance that delights audiences, including past performances for companies such as Microsoft, Monsanto, ConocoPhillips, the City of Richmond Heights, and U-Gas/Dirt Cheap. The band has an open catalogue of music genres such as disco, funk, rock, R&B and country, playing all sorts of events like wedding receptions, corporate, public or private events, and of course PrideFest here in St. Louis.

Pride and PrideFest has been an important part to All Mixed Up; aside from just their performances for the audiences at PrideFest, the entire message and purpose of Pride has meaning.

“Everyone is there to have fun and support inclusivity in St. Louis. They are taking a moment to show support and solidarity, and remind everyone that diversity is at the center of our culture in the United States and critical to our future,” Moser says of PrideFest.

“Pride is about showing your support and love for everyone for who they are, and not judging people for their differences. It is our diversity and individuality that collectively makes us stronger. For us to progress, we must value everybody’s individual characteristics and come together to improve lives and help influence others. Pride is about action!”

The 40th Anniversary St. Louis PrideFest will be held the weekend of June 29-30, 2019 in downtown St Louis. Past attendance has seen over 200,000 people in Soldier's Memorial Park and at Sunday's annual Pride Parade presented by MasterCard (on Market Street from 8th to Union Station at 12 noon). More information can be found at