Celebrate "Gay Uncles Day" on Sunday!

Did you know that tomorrow, Sunday, August 12, 2018 is the third annual "Gay Uncles Day"? Yep! There's even greeting cards to mark the occasion.
The unofficial holiday for "guncles" the world over has been celebrated on the second Sunday in August since 2016 and is the brainchild of Florida resident, C.J. Hatter, who took to Facebook with the suggestion that soon went viral.
He wrote: "Mark your calendars now! The second Sunday in August is Gay Uncles Day. Shower your favorite gay uncle with gifts and recognition!"
‘‘My goal in promoting this day of celebration is to normalize the role of the gay uncle, cousin, brother… whatever, in the family and in society," Hatter later elaborated.
"The more visible we are, and the more forthright we and our loved ones are of our very existence, the less uncomfortable society will be with us," said Hatter.
Gay uncles are important pillars of the family unit and to celebrate the day we encourage our #Boom "guncles" out there to share their favorite pics of themselves with their nephews and nieces in honor of #GayUnclesDay!