All Eyes on Missouri: Anti-LGBT Constitutional Amendment SJR 39 Referred to House Committee

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Just days after Missouri legislators reconvened from spring break, SJR 39 is on the move in the House. SJR 39 was referred to the Emerging Issues Committee this afternoon. After an almost 40 hour filibuster in the Senate, this proposed amendment quickly made it’s way to the House.

SJR 39 would create a constitutional amendment for a public, statewide vote, that would allow businesses to refuse services to same-sex couples based on religious beliefs. SJR 39 would prohibit the state from penalizing religious institutions, clergy, and even private businesses from refusing to provide services for a same-sex couple getting married.

More and more pressure has been building since the Senate filibuster in regards to businesses and people in opposition of SJR 39. Over 4,200 petitions from Missourians across the state are being delivered to Speaker Todd Richardson’s office tomorrow during a rally in opposition of the discriminatory bill.

Among the businesses and organizations in opposition of SJR 39 are the Missouri Chamber, St. Louis Regional Chamber, Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Greater St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Bryan Cave, Bishop McCann and MasterCard. Earlier this week the Kansas City Sports Commission released a letter warning Missouri legislators that SJR 39 could cost Kansas City $50 million dollars in revenue from sporting events.

“We strongly urge the members of the Emerging Issues Committee to stop SJR 39 in its tracks,” Steph Perkins, Executive Director of PROMO said. “In the past weeks, we have heard strong opposition to this bill from multiple Chambers of Commerce, sports commissions and associations, CEOs, business leaders, clergy, and thousands of Missourians. SJR 39 is bad for business and bad for Missouri, and we hope the committee members will seize their opportunity to stop this bill once and for all.”