Size Queens, Rejoice: Pinching Hand Emoji is Coming

Emoji-approving organization Unicode announced 230 new emojis that will be released this year. The new emojis are meant to include people of all shapes and sizes (pun intended). Of course gay Twitter was shook by a new set of emojis.

Included in the new line up of emojis is the pinching hand and yawning emojis.


Size queens were quick to call out that the pinching hand emojis can be representative of the same thing as the eggplant - and other phallic emojis - which once stood alone in representing the well endowed. One user saying, “Unsolicited dick pic community is in a panic rn.”

Along with that, the internet was also excited for a yawning emoji.

The yawning emoji is very versatile, from saying that you’re literally tired to telling a guy “thank u, next.”

New emojis also include representation for non-binary and same-sex couples in 16 skin tone combinations holding hands, people who are blind and disabled; including people with white canes, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and service dogs, making emojis more diverse than ever.

While emojis are getting more representative in their diversity, people are still advocating for the trans* flag to be included with the array of flags. Currently the only LGBTQ+ flag is the Pride flag. The Twitter @transflagemoji has been advocating to Unicode to create a trans* flag emoji since October 2018.


Check out some of the new emojis here: