Refuse to Repeat Sets Out to Raise $100,000 in 100 Days to Stop Anti-LGBT Legislation

The Refuse to Repeat campaign officially kicked off this month with the goal of raising $100,000 in just 100 days thru July 15, 2015 to support LGBT equality on the state level.

refuserepeatWith over 100 discriminatory bills working their way through the legislatures of 28 states threatening the rights of LGBT citizens, the campaign aims to stop anti-equality legislation. According to organizers, Refuse to Repeat is currently the only campaign of its kind, allowing supporters to help write history with a simple donation.

Indiana and Arkansas were the first states to enact this new breed of Religeous Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRAs) into law. While both states have backtracked in recent days, a new wave of discriminatory legislation is on the horizon in states like Texas, Florida, South Carolina and right here in Missouri.

Refuse to Repeat has also released the #EqualityPizza page, with 29 pizzas individually themed for the 29 states that have introduced over 100 pieces of anti-LGBT in the past year. The awareness campaign allows participants to vote for their favorite pizza on Twitter and help spread the word.

The Missouri themed pie is a Kansas City Barbecue Sauce Pizza.

“It’s shocking that we live in an era when our lawmakers believe they can openly discriminate against minorities by passing hatefulKCpizza bills into law,” says Refuse to Repeat founder Will Levitt, a 24 year-old resident of Brooklyn, NY. “It directly impacts the quality of life for Americans, it sends an demoralizing messages to youth as they struggle to come out, and it paves the way for broad, institutionalized discrimination. But we can act now to protect the civil rights of all Americans.”

Funds raised by the campaign, which is operated independently, will go directly to the Human Rights Campaign and their efforts to stop anti-LGBT legislation on the state level. The HRC’s extensive lobbying, outreach and awareness campaigns have been critical to protecting LGBT civil rights in states across the country. Funds are processed with the innovative fundraising platform Crowdrise, whose aim is to put the “fun” back in fundraising.

Refuse to Repeat calls on anyone — the LGBT community, allies, students, activists, private citizens and lawmakers— to get involved, donate and spread the word.

“Let’s write our own history,” adds Levitt, “equal rights for all.”

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