TAYOR DAYNE # SUN. 6/30 5:30 P.M.



Multi-platinum selling artist Taylor Dayne is an American pop icon, with decades of hits, roles and now a best selling book— Tell It to My Heart available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and all major booksellers!


Dayne rose to fame with her debut single “Tell It to My Heart” back in 1987. Since then she’s had a multitude of Top 20 hits, including “Love Will Lead You Back,” “Prove Your Love,” and “I’ll Always Love You.” Dayne has sold over 75 million albums and singles worldwide, earned three Grammy nominations, an American Music Award, multiple New York Music Awards, received New York Music Hall of Fame honors and ranked as the Number 18 Female Dance artist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. 


She is one of the very few artists in musical history to successfully crossover into almost every musical genre and chart with hit singles in Pop, Dance, R&B, Adult contemporary and Rock. 


For the span of her 30+ year career, LGBTQ+ audiences have been fans of Dayne’s. “I consider my LGBTQ+ fans the most loyal fans, for sure. My LGBTQ+ fans are fun and joyful to perform for and grateful!” she says. “My music makes you dance, makes you feel, makes you happy, and I’m sure few of my videos never hurt.”


To her, Pride means three things: love, joy, community… And the music! Pride is “a state of bliss; all senses are aligned, heart, mind and soul. One does good things when in this state.”


By the late 90’s, Dayne’s career grew further as an actress. From Broadway favorites like Elton John’s award winning production of “Aida,” and Mel Brooks' “Archie,” to movies including “Love Affair” with Warren Beatty, co-starring in Denis Leary's TV drama “Rescue Me,” and Showtime’s original series “Rude Awakening.”


Her voice became stronger and more meaningful as she took her platform to be a voice for single motherhood, empowerment, surrogacy and parenthood head-on, and becoming an advocate for working women, same-sex marriage, parenting and fertility.


Dayne has used her career for personal perseverance, ambition and adaptation, “It’s my own personal plight to never settle. There are many things that have gone on, and I’ve made some hard decisions, but in the end of the day you can’t go back as much you’d like to. I think that moving forward and making new goals for yourself is important. I’m not always sure how satisfying that is, but it is ambitious.


“The older I get, I realize the joy of having such opportunities. There’s a great joy of being still, obviously, if you can maintain it and understand it and embrace it. But working and generating interesting work and being inspired by what you do is what I have done.”


Dayne’s outlook reflects on the advancement of the LGBTQ+ community and the embodiment of the purpose of Pride. She says that one of her favorite parts of Pride is how, “the family and community keeps growing, and glowing.”


The 40th Anniversary St. Louis PrideFest will be held the weekend of June 29-30, 2019 in downtown St Louis. Past attendance has seen over 200,000 people in Soldier's Memorial Park and at Sunday's annual Pride Parade presented by MasterCard (on Market Street from 8th to Union Station at 12 noon). More information can be found at PrideSTL.org.




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