ICONA POP # SAT. 6/29 6:30 P.M.



The wonder that is Icona Pop was born in 2009 when Caroline and Aino began their musical collaboration hell-bent to create “the best band ever”. For LGBTQ fans - they didn't disappoint.


The Swedish pop duo's big breakthrough can be described with one phrase: ‘I Love It’. The 2012 monster hit (which dominated many top lists in the Western World, and appeared on several TV- and talk shows), became a milestone for Swedish pop music. The song had big success worldwide, especially in the US, where the single sold over 2 million copies and reached US Platinum sales.


Other great hits by Icona Pop are ‘All night’, ‘We Got the World’, ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Let’s Go’ ft. Tiesto. Icona Pop is greatly awarded for their musical brilliance. For instance, they’ve received prizes and titles like “Swedish Breakthrough of the Year”, “Group of the Year” and “Song of the Year” (‘I Love It’).


We're excited to have you headlining the 40th Anniversary St. Louis PrideFest - tell us what you have in store for STL audiences?


We are so excited! We are ready to dance, celebrate and party with the St. Louis crowd. We’ve heard that the St Louis PrideFest is amazing and that the crowd is crazy so our expectations are very high. 


You've enjoyed a huge LGBTQ fan base from the start. What do you think it is about your music that resonates with gay audiences?


We are so thankful for the support we’ve had from the LGBTQ community all these years. They believed in us before anyone else did and started to spread our music through blogs before we had a label outside Sweden. We sing about real things and feelings but usually hide it a little in happier melodies that people can dance to. We also sing a lot about our friendship, girl power and that you should not care to much about what other people think and I think a lot of our listeners can relate to that. 


Do you have a favorite LGBTQ Pride memory you can share?


Wow, that’s hard because we have so many: But we will never forget the first time we performed "I Love It" in a Pride festival, before it got big on the radio, and it was insane. Everyone was screaming their lungs out. We just looked at each other on stage and couldn’t believe it. 


What makes PrideFest audiences so special?


The crowd is celebrating and giving it their all. It's like we are having a show together with all of them. The energy is magic!


What does PRIDE mean to you, personally?


It means being able to have the freedom to be who you want to be and be proud over it. It means that you shouldn’t have to hide or change to fit in. Equality and Love. 


Any upcoming projects you'd like to talk about?


We've been in the studio for a while now and this summer and we have a lot of music coming out. Couldn’t be more excited and proud. We want to show everyone what we have been up to! 


The 40th Anniversary St. Louis PrideFest will be held the weekend of June 29-30, 2019 in downtown St Louis. Past attendance has seen over 200,000 people in Soldier's Memorial Park and at Sunday's annual Pride Parade presented by MasterCard (on Market Street from 8th to Union Station at 12 noon). More information can be found at PrideSTL.org.




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