Sports enthusiasts visiting Glendale, Ariz., for Super Bowl XLIX will be greeted by two 48- by 14-foot digital billboards hoping to spark conversation about equality and acceptance in sports.


The campaign by SCRUFF, a gay social networking application used by 7 million people worldwide, features two men eyeing each other in a locker room alongside the slogan “Play On Our Team.”Scruff-billboard


“While the oversized cultural statement is obviously an attempt to attract more members, it’s also a nod to brave athletes like Michael Sam and Kwame Harris, begging the question: What does ‘gay’ look like?” the company said in a statement.


Scruff spent $3,500 for the billboards during Super Bowl week, and already appears likely to see an impressive return on the investment.


About half a million people are expected to be exposed to the ads, and already Scruff has seen a 20 percent increase in new profile creations in the Phoenix area, compared with the same period last year, spokesman Daniel DeMello told Newsweek.


Since the first of the year, the app has generated more than a million logins in Arizona.