Oh, how I hoped to not be writing another column about the World Meeting of Families in September, but actions by Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput and the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue must be answered.

But let us first note where they come from.mark-segal

It has been reported that both have consistently spoken up and strongly supported the Church when pedophile priests were being moved around, LGBT people were being fired and LGBT people and their children were being denied communion.

Does Chaput support pedophile priests? His record in Denver seems to suggest that, and Donahue seems to support Chaput in his actions. Is there a smoking gun?

Under the Catholic League’s 2013 IRS 990 filing, you find the following listed under Supplemental Information:

“For uncertain tax position under FIN 48 (part X) Management Evaluated The League’s tax position and concluded that the league had taken no uncertain tax positions that require adjustment to the financial statements. With few exceptions, the league is no longer subject to income tax examinations by the U.S. Federal Tax Authority for years 2010, which is the standard statute of limitation look-back period.”

That brings up several questions. Was the Catholic League being investigated? If so, for what? And then there is that line the note ends with: “statute of limitation.” The statute of limitation wording is exactly what Chaput fought for in Denver, to protect pedophile priests.

Maybe Donahue, who runs the Catholic League and, according to those same IRS documents, makes almost a half-million dollars each year, can answer those questions. Oh, but that would take him away from supporting Chaput in his effort to discriminate and censor LGBT families of the Catholic Church and supporting LGBT organizations being tossed out of churches during the World Meeting of Families. And one more item. Seems reports this week suggest that the only mention of LGBT will be the suggested use of "conversion therapy" to cure LGBT people......

Chaput and Donohue, your actions are beginning to bring shame to those organizing the World Meeting of Families. Can they take any pride in leaders who advocate for discrimination and censorship, not to mention abuse cover-ups?


Mark Segal, Philadelphia Gay News publisher, is the nation’s most-award-winning commentator in LGBT media. You can follow him on Facebook at MarkSegalPGN or Twitter at PhilaGayNews.