The “T” has been silent for way too long. This year we will change that.


As I attend events put on for the “LGBT community,” I notice the intense relevance of the "LGB" community and the stunning lack of “T” representation. This is not due to a lack of Trans presence at these events - this is due to our community choosing to be passive and assimilating into our other identities. We’ve chosen to be parents, friends, employees, volunteers and comfortable before being visible.


There are many life aspects that take up much of our time. It has become simple to drown out the social injustices and oppressions that flood our community. The lack of education exists at an alarming rate within society, and even within the LGB community. This is due to our silence. No one is going to go out of their way to learn about a community they “never interact with.” No one will blatantly ensure our space is filled at the community table. We have to do this for ourselves; that means the time for you to get involved is now.

The Metro Trans Umbrella Group will be marching in the Pride Festival Parade this Sunday, June 29th. Pride was birthed from Stonewall; a day when the Transgender and Queer community said, “no more,” took a stand, and began to fight back against oppression and discrimination. It is our right to take up space at Pride celebrations. It’s time that we make a statement with a massive Trans presence in the local community this Pride celebration. There is such a large and diverse population of strong Trans individuals in the Metro area. Until we show our faces; unapologetic and full of pride, the “T” will remain silent.

I understand some of you reading this may not have the safety to be out and that is a very valid reason to remain hidden in your other identities that intersect your gender identity. But I know some of you reading this who have chosen silence are doing so because your schedule is too busy, you’ve made prior commitments, you don’t want to answer questions, you’re comfortable or maybe you are just shy. Now is the time to lay down the excuses, light your fire and join your family.


We, as a community, have work to do and you need to do your part. Be bold, be brave and be united. Come join The Metro Trans Umbrella Group as we fill Pride with our presence. Find us lined up with the LGBT Center on Market Street at 10 a.m. – we will provide you a MTUG t-shirt but bring a sign, some allies, a voice and/or a strong sense of Pride and belonging. We will be seen and will be heard. YOU are valuable and relevant to this community. United, WE will make a bold statement and begin to bring down the walls of oppression that have locked us out and kept us silent for far too long. Take pride in who you are and let’s reclaim our space at Pride.


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