ST. LOUIS – Clementines, the city’s oldest gay bar, will close on Sept. 29, 2014.


#Boom has confirmed that a letter was given to employees last night announcing the sale of the popular watering hole. The new owners, identified by a Clementines employee as Shells Bells, state that they want to take the St. Louis landmark in another direction and it will no longer be a LGBT bar.


According to the Clementines employee, the sale will be final on Oct. 15,2014.


“Why not give the employees and community up until then,” asks the Clems bartender. “We have employees here who have bills to pay and customers who drive from all over to come here. Do you know how many gay people have offered to buy this bar over the years? This was all about money. They really screwed the community.”


Opened in 1978 by Wally Thomas, Clementines was originally a Levi/Leather cruise bar. In 1985, the business sold to Jim Briscoe, Garry Reed and Jan Kelly. Known for their great food, legendary pours, lively happy hour, community feel, and being an anchor during Mardi Gras celebrations, Clems is indeed a St. Louis institution.


The St. Louis LGBT History Project plans to be on hand at Clementines last day of operation, this Sunday, and is looking to collect stories and memorabilia from the mainstay at Menard and Allen.


This is a developing story. Check back for updates.