Metro Trans Umbrella Group presents 24 hours of trans and queer-led entertainment at the 3rd Annual MTUG Telethon LIVE on YouTube and Facebook Live, December 7-8th.


For 24 continuous hours starting at noon on Saturday, December 7 until noon on Sunday, December 8, the telethon will feature an array of live music, performance and visual arts, interviews, and the very best the  trans, queer, and ally community has to offer.


“We are so excited to launch our 3rd Annual Telethon,” says Sayer Johnson, MTUG Executive Director. “This event started as an ambitious idea three years ago, and with the help of so many talented and capable volunteers, we are able to present this 24 hour live event.”


The goal of the telethon is to raise $30,000 in 24 hours. These funds will go towards MTUG’s mission of bringing together the trans community in the St. Louis area and providing front-line services to the community.


“It is a one-of-a-kind event in part because we work hard to center trans talent and experiences and because we’re a majority transgender team of organizers working to raise money to help those most in need in our community,” said Mira Belgrave, MTUG board member.


The telethon will be hosted by Johnson, LadyAshley Gregory, Joss Barton, Amie Jade, and Kristen Goodman will be chiming in throughout the broadcast to provide more information about this grassroots organization


This year’s event offers an array of talents from trans, queer, and allied performers, leaders and advocates, including PROMO Executive Director Steph Perkins, The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula contestant Maxi Glamour, SQSH founder Luka Cai, and award-winning storyteller S. Bear Bergman.


Other features include live music, spoken word, children’s story time, live art, drag and burlesque, and DIY segments.


This year, the telethon was kicked off with a Facebook fundraiser for Giving Tuesday, which brought the organization over $2,000.


Last year, the telethon was held at KDHX studio and raised $28,000 against a $24,000 goal. The inaugural event raised over $12,000 against a $10,000 goal.


We think this story shows how communities in St. Louis are using their own talent to create systems of support when there are no formal systems in place,” said Belgrave.


MTUG centers on improving the lives of trans people, assisting in access to transportation, clothing, food, housing, medical care and other resources. The organization also actively holds space for the following support groups: FemSpec (for transfeminine individuals), UnLady Like (for nonbinary & transfeminine leaning individuals), Expression Spectrum (for nonbinary individuals), Locker Room (for transmasculine individuals) , QTPOC (Queer & Trans People of Color), Orchid (for intersex individuals), Umbrella Mental Support Group, Queer Devotional (Freedom in Faith), Healthy Habits (for those recovering from addiction and striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle), and SOOTH (Significant Others of Transgender Humans).


Sponsors for this year’s event include Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Yelp, Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, Gallery 720 Olive, the National Center for Trans Excellence (NCTE), and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).


According to Johnson, the importance of highlighting trans people is significant in today's political climate where trans rights are under siege at the federal and state level.


“We are a beacon for the trans community to see themselves reflected, and find each other,” says Johnson.



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