Preparations for PrideFest 2019 are underway as organizers reveal more details on next year's big celebration to take place the weekend of June 29 - 30, 2019 at the newly renovated Soldier's Memorial downtown.


The 2019 theme is “Millions of Moments” and celebrates the 40th anniversary of St. Louis PrideFest, and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, widely observed as the catalyst of the modern LGBTQIA+ rights movement.


"We’re celebrating everything, every action - great and small – that has brought us all together as a community," said Pride St. Louis via press release. "With every action we take – as big as marriage equality or winning the country’s first gay governorship; as small as walking down the street holding a partner’s hand without fear or shame – we break down barriers and make the old adage clear: we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it."


Pride St. Louis also revealed the official logo for the 2019 celebration, explaining: "Stonewall itself is inescapable Without the bravery of figures such as Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, and Miss Major, without their unwillingness to be pushed down – their unwillingness to be forced back into an inauthentic and restricting role to appease a society that did not accept them – we would not be here now. Without Stonewall, there is no Pride. Stonewall showed us all that we didn’t have to be compliant or complacent, we could be open about our lives and, rather than ashamed, we could be proud of who we are. So, we have selected this image to represent this relationship; the vibrant rainbow of Saint Louis’s LGBTQIA+ community rising from the foundation of Stonewall and taking shape in the most public and visible way possible. Taking the image of the Arch, we show our willingness to be visible to the whole city and the whole country. We are proud to have lifted up and broadcast this message for 40 years. We exist. We live. Our lives are built from a million beautiful moments. Each moment shapes us as individuals and gives our community the vibrancy and diversity that makes us proud to share it with all of you."


​According to organizers, PrideFest 2019 will remain free to attend for the public.


"This is an event for the community and no one will be prevented from celebrating with us."


Last year, PrideFest 2018 welcomed over 300,000 attendees in addition to a record number of vendors and parade entries. Registration for vendors and parade participants is now open and both may be handled at this location:


Pride St .Louis went on the affirm its commitment to building bridges, to being inclusive and diverse, to advancing equality among all sexes, genders, races, and abilities, and to bringing true unity and solidarity to the St. Louis community.



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