An open letter from the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis (MCCGSL): Yesterday during worship, the Board of Directors provided the following update on the sale of our building. We are passing this along here so that everyone is sure to get the information.


Since our vote of direction in July, the Board of Directors has been interviewing and exploring real estate agents that would help us sell this building and find a new home in order to bring our income and expenses in line.


Just this last week we signed and finalized a listing agreement with Hilliker Corporation, the highest volume brokerage in St. Louis. They will be getting our building on the market over the next couple of weeks, but we have been cautioned that a sale is likely to take many months, even a year.


A key element of this process is that a "For Sale" sign will be placed on the property next week. It will read, "For Sale Church Relocating." This is to help the community know that we are not closing. Another way we can ensure that no one in our community misunderstands and thinks we are closing, is to say to anyone who asks, "We are moving to more affordable and more central location."


As an extra bit of good news, we did find a centrally located building that we were very excited about. It was listed for only $290,000, was a beautiful building, and in a perfect area. While we aren’t ready to buy and that building sold in just days, it still serves as an excellent sign that there will be a wonderful building for us at a great price when the time is right.


For now, we just want you to know that things are moving forward and expect to see a sign out front next week as you come to church.


If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with any member of the Board of Directors, including Pastor Wes. We love you, and we take this process very seriously. We are here to make sure you have all the information you need!


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