Social media feeds blew up last night following the news that Christine Hallquist made history by becoming the first transgender candidate to be nominated for a governorship by a major party in Vermont's Democratic primary on Tuesday. 
The former chief executive of the Vermont Electric Cooperative said she’s running to raise the issue of rural economic development in her home state.
Hallquist will face Republican incumbent, Phil Scott, who is running for his second term, in what is expected to be an uphill race. That said, St. Louis transgender leaders are celebrating the historic milestone exclusively with #Boom
Christine’s victory is yet another example of the progress our community is making, even in a time when our rights are at risk. Christine is a reminder that what makes us who we are as transgender people — authenticity, bravery, resiliency, even in face of challenges — are assets that make us valuable leaders.
 - Steph Perkins, Executive Director, PROMO
"Hallquist ran a strong community focused campaign.  She is a solid leader and as a transgender person I am excited to see more of us taking up space in the political arena. Possibility models are crucial in our liberation movement and I am grateful for Christine’s leadership and the voters of Vermont for seeing her hard work and abilities and voting her into this opportunity."
 - Sayer Johnson, Executive Director, Metro Trans Umbrella Group 
"Christine Hallquist would certainly be a change making figure for trans visibility in the US, and the world, for that matter. 
But I want to highlight; her platform for Vermont headlines programs for rural people, from job training to high speed internet availability, and more.
Vermont is a highly rural state, with folks displaced by the globalization of agriculture and tariff wars.(BTW, Vermont aged white cheddar rules!) 
Gubernatorial candidate Hallquist has pragmatic ideas for the governance of the state that far transcend gender and Trans persecution. 
I have no doubt she'll be a great candidate, and a fine governor.
We know when it comes to trans people, it just isn't as easy as having solid ideas, research, public support. 
There's misogyny and transmisogyny, operating in tandem to wreck forward progress, even at the cost of progress for all.
She deserves a chance, as a Democratic candidate and as a Vermont citizen, to make her case to the people.
I'm proud and glad she is."
 - Jaimie Hileman, Executive Director, Trans Education Service

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