The multi-platinum, award winning EDM duo La Bouche has been lighting up dance floors across the globe since 1994 with over 12 Million records sold worldwide, Billboard and MTV music award nominations and an “Echo” (German Grammy award), and mega hits such as  “Be My Lover”  “Fallin’ In Love” and the infectious “Sweet Dreams."


Now 24 years later front man Lane McCray Jr. brings La Bouche back with a new rendition of “Sweet Dreams” and a new pairing with Hungarian chanteuse Sophie Cairo (replacing the beloved Melanie Thornton who died in a plane crash in 2001). The coupling of these two golden voices has been touring internationally, working on new material, and are set to dazzle St. Louis PrideFest on the Mastercard Entertainment Stage on Sunday afternoon.


"So you ask what is in store? Well it's a celebration of love through the eyes of our music plain and simple. No pretense, just a good, old fashioned Ho down," said McCray.


According to veteran St. Louis DJ Danny Morris, you couldn’t enter a club in the late 90’s without hearing the pounding rhythm of the dance duo La Bouche with "their bouncy beat and synthy Euro pop sound matched with Melanie Thornton's silky vocals and Lane McCray's rapping," he explained.


"They pretty much dominated the dance floor for the second part of the 90’s and even into the early 2000’s," said Morris."La Bouche made such an impact not only in clubs but in pop music as well. Not many dance artists were being played on the radio in the 90’s. So for an artist like La Bouche to make it into regular radio rotation was a great achievement for dance music artists."


As McCray is quick to point out, La Bouche has been on the front line of LGTBQIA+ issues since their arrival onto the global stage.


"I will say performing in my home state of Kentucky last year I took some time after the show and met with several audience members and the overwhelming stories told that resounded were how our music was paramount in their lives when they came out," McCray offered. "One young transgender man told me his mother had disowned him and that it was our song "In Your Life" that sustained him through that struggle. So it is always the one-on-ones with the crowds and I love hearing their stories."


"I have always had the hugest amount of respect for the PrideFest goers and organizers because in my opinion it takes a huge amount of courage to step out into the world as your true self and I have seen men and women across the globe do just that," continued McCray. Then there are the masses of straight people that love unconditionally - so mix all that up and that's a whole lot of love and that is what is special about PrideFest."


La Bouche will perform on the Mastercard Entertainment Stage at St. Louis PrideFest on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.




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