Kansas City's Regina La-Rae captured the title of Miss Gay Missouri America 2016 in April at the Arts Asylum in #KCMO. The competition was tough - with 18 contestants from across the state vying for the coveted female impersonation crown - one of the oldest in existence.

In celebration of La-Rae's first promotional shot as #MGMA2016, #Boom chatted up the City of Fountains diva with "Six Questions for #MGMA2016."

How many tries did it take you to capture the crown and why do you think you were successful this year?

It took me four tries to capture the title of Miss Gay Missouri. I think I was most successful this year because I got everything else in my life in order and was able to truly focus on the package I prepared for my return.

What was going through your mind when they were announcing the Top Five placements?

With each placement called, at first it was excitement to not hear my name called; that excitement turned to nervousness for a split second, then I told myself you came here to win and that's what you are going to do, so let go of the self doubt.

We at #Boom love that we have a fellow "Geek" in the new Miss Gay Missouri. How do you plan to incorporate that into your reign?

I have so many surprises planned this year to incorporate the full capacity of my Geekiness, everyone will just have to stay tuned to find out what they are. #Cliffhanger

What impact do you think that the titleholder of MGMA can make on the regional LGBT community? What are your plans?

I think the past Miss Gay Missouri title holders have done a great job with making a big impact in various ways. We all have our passions, we all have things that mean something to us. For me, I would like to continue the legacy of using MGMA to inspire others to believe in themselves and don't let anyone dull their shine!

What advice do you have for younger queens thinking about getting into pageantry?

My best advice is to stay true to you! You will have a lot of people share their advice, knowledge, and previous experience. That can be a great thing but in the end you have to find what it is inside of you that will make you outshine the rest and come out on top. Keep in mind we are all always a work in progress and pageants are a great way to help you experience something you haven't before to learn new things. Pageantry is a great stepping stone into so many other things.

What's the one question you would have loved to have answered during male interview but were never asked - and what would your answer have been?


It would have to be: Would you compete in another pageant system? My answer to that would be yes. My heart will always belong to the MGA system and I won't stop until I am Miss Gay America. With that being said, I think the other systems would have a different perspective in the art of female impersonation and would only help me better myself. The MGA system helped me become the person I am today, and I think experiencing the other systems would teach me even more.





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