KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On April 7,8 & 9, 2016, Kansas City’s Arts Asylum (1000 E. Ninth St.) will be the setting for Miss Gay Missouri America, the state preliminary competition for the 44th Miss Gay America, the world’s first and longest running female impersonator pageant system.

The pageant will honor the current Miss Gay Missouri America 2015, Kyla Breeze and Miss Gay America 2016, Asia O'Hara of Dallas.

Miss Gay America (MGA) was founded in 1972 in Nashville. The Miss Gay Missouri America (MGM) pageant made its debut the following year, making it the second oldest preliminary in the country to Miss Gay America.

Eighteen contestants will compete for the MGM crown in five categories: Male Interview, Solo Talent (performance without the aid of visual enhancements such as props or dancers), Evening Gown, On-Stage Interview, and Talent (fully produced stage production; sets, dancers, permitted).

The three day Miss Gay Missouri America pageant–two nights of preliminaries followed by the third night crowning–will set the state winner on a path to compete for the title of Miss Gay America 2017 in Memphis, TN this October. A review show of past Miss Gay Missouri title holders will also be held at Missie B's (805 W 39th) on Thursday, April 7 at 10 p.m.

Since its inception in 1972, Miss Gay America has prided itself as a showcase for pure female impersonation: Contestants must be men who live as men, achieving a convincing feminine illusion solely through their own ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness. Bodily feminization via female hormones, breast implants, or injectable fillers such as liquid silicone is strictly forbidden.

The Male Interview–in male attire–is a key component of the pageant; contestants are judged not only for their poise and articulation, but for their overall masculine presentation where points may actually be deducted for feminine aspects, such as overly plucked eyebrows or long fingernails.

Contestants are in it to win it, easily spending thousands of dollars in preparation for this ultimate female impersonator competition. While some design their own gowns, others spend as much as $15,000 at houses from Vera Wang to Versace. Add in shoes and jewelry, plus fees for choreographers, props, dressers, wig stylists, make-up artists and travel and it quickly adds up.

During her reign, a newly crowned Miss Gay America can earn as much as $70,000 in cash, prizes, travel, and appearance fees. Regardless, the consensus among contestants is what matters most is not the money spent or won, but the title!

To date, over 10,000 men from over thirty states have competed for the Miss Gay America crown.

Tickets/info: www.mgmpageantry.com/mgm-2016.html



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