ST. LOUIS, MO - Out in the Park returns to Six Flags on September 27, 2014 as Ketel One Vodka and bring the storied Chicago event to St. Louis, with proceeds benefiting PROMO. Entertainment will be provided by Scarlet Bar in Chicago with Drag Race champion Raja, and the ever-so-amazing Trannika Rex as your host for the evening. Please meet and greet Miss Trannika Rex, host at Berlin and Scarlet Bar in Chicago:


Where does your inspiration for your drag come from?


I've always been inspired by white trash glamour which is no doubt a result of being from Florida and having a step-mother who would spend an hour applying makeup before she got the mail. If I'm gonna wear a necklace, I'm gonna wear three of them... If I'm wearing a wig, it's probably four stacked.


What are you most excited about at Out in the Park St. Louis?


Raja and I have worked together several times and it's always a fucking blast. She's a good time gal. We've spent the last couple months launching Show Pony wine together with Suzy Wong and I haven't gotten sick of her yet. This might be the time though.


Why do you think this event is important?


Who doesn't wanna get drunk and ride roller coasters?


What is one thing you want people in St.Louis to know about you?


I don't have a gag reflex and my favorite color is purple glitter.


Do you see RuPaul’s Drag Race in your future?


Drag Race is a great way to get famous quickly but I don't want to be famous as much as I want to be doing what I love on my time. TV is a wild machine and you don't know how you'll come out on the other side. I have two of the biggest drag shows in a major city so I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing on my schedule and build my crowd one show at a time.


Where do you get your amazing hosting abilities? And no you can't say Fireball lol


I did theater for eleven years and took mime, clowning, stand-up, and improv classes for most of my childhood. I was a fat, awkward loner as a kid and my only real outlet was that I could work a stage. Twenty-six years later the result is this crass, sparkly, screaming comedy queen with a heart of gold. Also: Fireball.


How long have you been hosting Chicago’s Out in the Park? What should people know about this event, what makes it amazing and why should people come out?


I started hosting Out in the Park Chicago last year and really enjoyed myself. If you've ever been to Boystown, you know Scarlet can throw a party. There really isn't another bar that is taking over stages in the Midwest like we have at Out in the Park, Milwaukee Pride, Chicago Pride, and Market Days the last two years but if you've seen it, you know why. In Milwaukee Pride we brought Cazwell and he performed in the middle of a bunch of people in penguin suits throwing out beach balls while I paced the runway. It's nonsense to the thousandth percent. You're gonna have fun.


Out in the Park is a private LGBT Saturday night charity event featuring unlimited riding of Six Flags St. Louis amazing thrill rides with little to no lines! Imagine the park being closed to the general public at 9PM and then being surrounded by thousands of friends, family and supporters and partying in the park until Midnight. Imagine no more, Out in the Park St. Louis is here!  Uniquely awesome to this event, OUTSTL ticket-holders may arrive ANYTIME YOU WANT throughout the day if they wish, to enjoy the park and continue on into the private celebration!


Go to to get the ticket info!


Advance OUTSTL Event Tickets ON SALE NOW! $44.99

September 26th (save $12 off main gate price $56.99).



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